Nonprofits should incubate external initiatives by Millennials

Millennials (usually of the university student variety) are often involved in initiatives related to sustainability, homelessness, international development, social justice, etc. as a part of student clubs, classes, or other. Some of these initiatives fit perfectly with your organization’s mission. Why not incubate these initiatives and budding ideas, engaging a new form of volunteer in the process?

If you are a community leader in, say, women’s equality, promote your organization as a social change incubator. Reach out to university groups, or students through relevant academic disciplines (Women Studies, Anthropology, etc.). Offer your organization as a resource – contacts, expertise, media advice, resources, business processes, meeting space, perhaps even a little little bit of $. Often these initiatives are not your run of the mill awareness- or fundraising activity so they may provide opportunities for your organization to get into the press. You’ll also be furthering your mission through the power of people, without loads of money. You might even learn a little something from Millennials in the process.