Metro Vancouver Salary Survey – who’s responding so far?

At the request of a few local executive directors, I offered to be the independent, confidential researcher to compile a first Metro Vancouver Nonprofit Sector Salary Survey.

Organizational responses are starting to roll in, and I wanted to give folks a sense of who is responding, and who should be responding.

Deadline for survey responses is July 31.

But first…why a salary survey?

I’ll leave it up to some local executive directors to share why they think it important.

It’s imperative that we leaders of the non-profit sector have access to localized, detailed and up to date data to inform our decisions, budgets and to advocate to government the need for funding.
– David Jordan, Executive Director, Vancouver Fringe Festival

Having current and local data on our sector’s compensation trends, will enable us to work towards equitable and competitive compensation packages. As we strive towards social, environmental and economic justice, this is a critical step forward!
– Dara Parker, Executive Director, Social Venture Partners Vancouver

So who has responded to the call so far?

Smaller arts organizations in Vancouver have been the keenest.

This image show three charts of the cities, subsectors, and budgets of the organizations who have responded so far. Most organizations are based in Vancouver, work in Arts, Education/Policy/Research, or Social Services, and have a budget of $100,000-$249,999.

I hope to see other “groups” of organizations encourage each other to respond to the survey, so that I’m able to release more detailed data in the final report.

My ask of Metro Vancouver nonprofit sector leaders

If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please do!

If you already have, can you encourage 5 other organizations to take part by forwarding this message with some kind words?

Either way, can you share on Facebook and tag other friends in the nonprofit sector? Facebook has been the greatest source of referrals for the survey so far. Example post…

Want to know how your organization’s compensation compares to others in the Metro Vancouver nonprofit sector? Complete this salary survey to help us get better data and make better compensation decisions!

Next week I’ll share some early results on the types of benefits organizations are most likely to provide staff…and benefits that they would consider offering if staff asked!