I design qualitative research projects to answer deep questions on the future of the nonprofit sector. I’m known for asking good questions and bringing rich data out of interviews and focus groups. I analyze a blend of primary data and existing written sources, and provide insight into current contexts and future states of the nonprofit sector.

I can help you with:

  • Methodology and project planning
  • Interviews
  • Focus group design and delivery
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing

While much of my research has been for standalone research projects, I can bring my research skills to larger projects that require a blend of strategy, research, and facilitation.

Published research

Metro Vancouver Nonprofit Sector Salary Survey

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The 2016 report is built on survey responses from 133 nonprofit and charitable organizations from across Metro Vancouver. While most of my research is qualitative, this project put my quantitative skills to use.

Read more about the Metro Vancouver Nonprofit Sector Salary Survey.

Civil Society Mapping: Mon State, Myanmar

I worked with Local Resource Centre, a local nonprofit sector capacity building organization, to learn more about community organizations and their capacity. With civil society leaders in a southeastern area of Myanmar (Burma), we measured the scope of the local nonprofit sector, its strengths and training needs, and its relationship with government/advocacy needs. I delivered training on leading effective/ethical interviews and qualitative data analysis, conducted additional key informant interviews, and wrote the final report. The final public report was edited by Local Resource Centre, and is based on my longer confidential report.

New ways individuals are supporting vulnerable populations

Beyond Giving and Volunteering full report (PDF): English/French 

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada wanted research on the diverse actions individuals are taking to support socio-economically vulnerable populations (other than donating and volunteering). I conducted a literature review, an environmental scan, 20 key informant interviews, and qualitative data analysis. Topics include ethical consumerism, collaborative consumption, hackathons, application development, open- and crowdsourced data, digital advocacy, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, impact investing, and business owner practices.

The not-for-profit perspective on trends in volunteerism

Volunteer Canada wanted qualitative research on how not-for-profit leaders view the trends noted in an earlier research phase. I conducted 27 key informant interviews, qualitative interview content analysis, and one case study. Volunteer Canada’s full report, Building the Bridge for Volunteer Engagement (PDF), includes my research beginning on page 11.