• You have a bold project you want launched, but don’t have the internal capacity (time or talent) to make it happen.
  • You have a sticky project that is weighing on your shoulders, and you’re not sure how to move it forward.
  • You know you could improve a project, but you need someone with an outside perspective to see what you can’t.

In these ways, consider me a “special projects director” for hire. I can take a challenge, an idea, or a problem, and help you achieve your goals.

My favourite challenges are ones that are bold and future-oriented. Projects that attempt to respond to the needs of an ever-changing nonprofit sector and social innovation space.

In many cases, helping you figure out “what should we do?” involves a blend of project strategy, process planning, interviews, research, and facilitation.

I can help you with:

  • designing and delivering a robust strategic planning processes including stakeholder engagement and research
  • designing and implementing new policy
  • implementing a new project that you don’t have the time for and your team doesn’t have all the skills for
  • wrangling a committee that has lost sight of its goals or is lost in the weeds
  • providing recommendations on a current project based on review of existing data, work-to-date, interviews with team members, and project goals

Investment: I generally work on a per-project basis, with fees based on milestones. That way we all know what the project will cost from the outset, and I don’t get paid more for taking longer. In some cases I charge a daily rate. Get in touch and I can create a short proposal based on your needs.