Metro Vancouver Nonprofit Sector Salary Survey

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This report is now free because the data is old, but may still be helpful.

The 2016 report is built on survey responses from 133 nonprofit and charitable organizations from across Metro Vancouver.

What do purchasers say they find helpful?

  • “Local, current data.”
  • “The quartile benchmarking for non profits of different sizes. It totally helped me gauge whether our salaries were competitive and which positions’ compensations needed to change as a result.”
  • “Salary categories with differing organizational budgets; excellent work for the cost charged – THANK YOU!”
  • “I especially appreciated the segmented data for arts and culture organizations. This will come in very handy for our organization as we begin a transition process for some senior leaders.”
  • “It was a major force in renegotiating my contract with confidence and grace. Thanks for your hard work.”

It’s imperative that we leaders of the non-profit sector have access to localized, detailed and up to date data to inform our decisions, budgets and to advocate to government the need for funding. Thanks Trina for working with us to provide us with a tool we need!

David Jordan, Executive Director, Vancouver Fringe Festival

Having current and local data on our sector’s compensation trends, will enable us to work towards equitable and competitive compensation packages. As we strive towards social, environmental and economic justice, this is a critical step forward!

Dara Parker, Executive Director, Social Venture Partners Vancouver


Why a salary survey?

Salary surveys help individuals and organizations understand what salary ranges are in their area or subsector (e.g. small organizations vs. large ones, or in Arts vs. Environment). Surveys help HR professionals and executive directors make data-driven decisions during salary reviews, and help individuals know what compensation looks like when applying for jobs or during salary negotiations. Salary surveys help shine a light on low compensation issues and provide tools to challenge misinformation. In the end, salary surveys help reveal salaries and compensation and lead to pay equity, especially in non-unionized organizations.

Who fills this out?

EDs/CEOs or other senior people responsible for compensation information in nonprofit/charitable organizations.

How much does the report cost?

Organizations that fill out the survey get a 40% discount on the regular rate.

Nonprofit organization budgetRegular priceDiscounted rate
Under $100K$75$45
$100K to $1 million$100$60
$1 million – $5 million$150$90
Over $5 million$200$120
Students, low income$20 

Considering that information from the report may result in salary or benefit changes in the thousands of dollars, an investment in a salary survey is fairly minor.

Why does the report cost money if I volunteer my time filling it out?

A salary survey saves you time–think about the time it would take to collect this information on your own–and takes a large amount of time to put together (possibly 100 hours).

Is my data safe?

Yes, in that each organization’s data is kept confidential and is stored on a Canadian server, and results will only be shared in aggregate form. More information can be found on the first full page of the survey.

Is this the same as the Boland survey, CSSEA survey, or the Charity Village report?

No, this is different. This originated at the request of a few Vancouver executive directors who were looking for accessible, up-to-date, local compensation information. Organizations are welcome to fill out more than one survey to get access to multiple sources of information. The strength of this survey is the comparability within Metro Vancouver.

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