Quiet Changemakers

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The Quiet Changemaker Project is for quiet and introverted people who are working to make the world a better place.

So much of the success we see and hear about appears to be lead by outgoing, charismatic, self-promotional entrepreneurs and innovators. Quiet changemakers exist, we just don’t hear about them or they come across as outgoing. And traditional social change leadership training and information is often not oriented towards quiet changemakers (or, if it is, suggesting that the path to success requires us to push ourselves to be more extroverted).

What is the Quiet Changemaker Project?

The Quiet Changemaker Project is a variety of platforms that where we can share insights about how to move important ideas, issues, projects, and careers forward, without exhausting ourselves in a world of networking and promotion. Look for opportunities to learn in the Facebook group, blog posts, other writing, webinars, and gatherings.

Who is a quiet changemaker?

Quiet changemakers are people who are working to make the world a better place AND who identify with some of the following traits:

  • enjoy downtime alone to recharge
  • enjoy time alone thinking and reflecting
  • prefer socializing in small groups with people they already know
  • like discussing topics of interest as opposed to ‘small talk’
  • take time to get to know
  • listen and think first, talk second
  • are turned off by the idea of networking, schmoozing, and promoting
  • communicate best/preferably by email/social media/text

But…I’m not really quiet. Actually, I talk a lot.

Yup, that can happen. Many “quiet” or “introverted” people like to talk a lot, and enthusiastically…especially in small groups of people they know well, or in spaces where they get to talk about something they are passionate about. The Quiet Changemaker Project is inclusive — just take a look at the list above, and if it resonates with you, you are in the right place. :)

Where did this all start?

It all started when I (Trina) wanted to interview people like me, who are operating in the social good space and who identify as introverted. People who can be held up as aspirational examples of quiet changemakers in action. Who could share their ways of doing in order to help others like them in doing good work. And perhaps help all leaders on how to bring out the best in and encourage all members of the team.