April 30, 2015: Southern Interior Local Government Association AGM
Volunteer and the leaders who engage them (keynote)

Feb 21, 2015: International Open Data Day, Open Data Ottawa
What nonprofits need/want from open data

Nov 30, 2014: UBC Startup Weekend
What nonprofits can learn from startups (opening keynote)

Feb 27, 2014: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, webinar
Beyond giving and volunteering: how and why individuals are exploring new ways to advance social good (presenter)

Nov 1, 2013: Vantage Point, webinar
Board Basics: roles and responsibilities (presenter)

June 25, 2013: Social Media for Nonprofits conference, Vancouver BC
Social Media at the Top of the Engagement Pyramid (speaker)

June 6 & 7, 2013: Association of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, Victoria BC

  • Beyond giving and volunteering: how and why individuals are exploring new ways to advance social good (conference presenter)
  • The Future of Volunteer Engagement: Building bridges, people and innovation (roundtable panelist)

May 21, 2013: Net Tuesday, Vancouver BC
How individuals are using technology and data to support vulnerable populations (speaker)

Nov 21, 2012: UBC EDST 402 – Education and Media
How do people’s social investments and identities influence their interpretations of media messages? (guest speaker)

Nov 17, 2012: UBC Global Lounge
Branching Out in Life and in Impact (keynote)

July 7, 2012: SFU Vancouver Student Life
Creating [good/just/positive/kind/new] Culture = Leadership (keynote)

Nov 23, 2011: BC Non-Profit Housing Association, Vancouver BC
Engaging the Generations (conference workshop facilitator)

Nov 17, 2011: Vantage Point Next Leaders Network, Vancouver BC
Be a Star Performer: Engage Others in Your Work (workshop co-facilitator)

Oct 19, 2011: Imagine Canada, nation-wide webinar
Millennials: How to engage youth in your mission (presenter)

July 5, 2011: Net Tuesday, Vancouver BC
6 questions to ask before using technology for volunteer engagement (speaker)

June 2, 2011: Association of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, Fredericton NB
Mindfully engaging passionate citizens: A leadership model of volunteer engagement (conference presentation)

March 30, 2011: SFU Career Services, Burnaby BC
Working in the Nonprofit Sector (panelist)


Mar 11, 2015: The solo employee: How to succeed when your nonprofit staff consists of just you, CharityVillage (quoted)

Sept 24, 2014: One of Calgary’s oldest service clubs set to close doors, Calgary Herald (quoted)

Dec 19, 2013: Ten New Year’s resolutions for your nonprofit career, CharityVillage (quoted)

July 29, 2013: Why not an HR approach to volunteer engagement?, CharityVillage Village Vibes (“Hot off the Web”)

May 21, 2013: How individuals are using technology to support vulnerable populations, Vancouver Co-op Radio (radio interview)

Jan 22, 2013: Volunteer Engagement Week web live chat, CharityVillage (moderator/panelist)

July 3, 2012: D is for Disenchantment: How nonprofits are losing out, CharityVillage (quoted)

December 1, 2011: International Volunteer Day Facebook chat, Get Volunteering and Volunteer Calgary (moderator/panelist)

June 4, 2011: The mentor within: Using a mentoring program to improve retention, CharityVillage (quoted)

March 17, 2011: Introverts in the nonprofit world, CharityVillage (quoted)

December 11, 2009: Give and Take, Chronicle of Philanthropy (featured resource)

November 19, 2009: The Next Leaders Network: A career path for young professionals, (quoted)


May 13, 2015: Quiet Changemakers: 5 Leadership Practices For Introverts, Idealist Careers; reprinted Conneticut Association of Nonprofits (p.11)

March 12, 2012: Get your Act together: Changes to the business of BC nonprofits, CharityVillage

October 17, 2012: How to design and evaluate your mentoring program, CharityVillage

October 11, 2012: Is your organization ready for a mentorship program?CharityVillage

October 3, 2012: Developing a mentoring program at your nonprofit, CharityVillage

May 2, 2011: Millennial engagement: Bringing the next generation into your organization, CharityVillage

May 2, 2011: Straight from the source: A crowd-sourced article about Millennials by Millennials, CharityVillage