Do Good Better Podcast

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Frank talk about social innovation and the nonprofit sector.

Gain insight on trends and issues facing social innovators, social entrepreneurs, socially responsible businesses, and nonprofit leaders.

Host Trina Isakson blends rants, conversations with expert guests, and listener Q&A to share knowledge about social innovation, social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, social finance, social purpose businesses, careers in the nonprofit sector, social justice, board governance, volunteerism, philanthropy, and more.



Submit a question

  1. Record yourself asking the question on your phone or computer (I use the “Voice Memos” app that comes on my iPhone).
  2. Start the question with a bit of context (e.g. “Hi Trina, I’m a 3rd year university student studying Psych in Toronto” or “Hi Trina, I’m the executive director of a small arts organization based on the West Coast”) and then just lay out your situation/question. Please don’t include your name. Keep things anonymous.
  3. Nothing is off the table – seriously ask me anything. Swearing even OK if it helps you describe your situation.
  4. Email the recording to [email protected] with the subject PODCAST

Listener responses

  1. Record yourself sharing the advice/response. Start your response with a bit of context (e.g. “Hi Trina, this is about the caller in episode 4 who wanted to know more about using Snapchat for their cause” or “Hi Trina, this is about the caller in episode 7 who wanted to transition from banking into the nonprofit sector”) and then just lay out your advice. Keep it succinct. Please don’t include your name. Keep things anonymous.
  2. Email the recording to [email protected] with the subject PODCAST

Any other suggestions or comments?

Fine print

You can also submit questions or listener responses in the text of an email, but they are less likely to be included.

I promise to keep all submissions anonymous. I’m only interested in good questions, not figuring out who’s asking them. Heck, use an anonymous email address if you want.

I don’t promise to use everything I receive or respond to your submission. I don’t promise to do any editing to your submission, so please don’t include any information you wouldn’t want shared publicly. The only editing I might do is for length, if you ramble on too long. I’m not adept at sound editing. Questions to the wrong email address or without the proper subject may be accidentally trashed, so please follow the instructions.

These recordings are for use only for this podcast.