What do you do daily to be a better fundraiser?

Image Credit: Michal Zacharzewski

There are activities and strategies that fundraisers can engage in over time that help raise more funds. Systems, procedures, methods, ladders, etc. that lead to more incoming funds. Sometimes one-time activities or projects take an organization’s fundraising to the next level. What are small things that can be done, however, on an ongoing daily basis?

Straight from the horse’s practitioner’s mouth: I recently asked some of my friends who fundraise what they do daily that makes them better fundraisers. Here’s what they told me (some more “daily” than others)….

1. News and Blogs

I read news and blogs on fundraising (am subscribed to a couple enewsletters) such as Charity Village’s Village Vibe.

2. Online Seminars

I attend professional development seminars through AFP (find the Vancouver chapter of AFP here)

3. Connect to People

I write personal notes to contacts and take the time in phone conversations to connect on a personal level, share my passion for my work and look for common ground to build stronger relationships.

4. Program Elevator Message

I think about and try to verbalize my program’s objectives in a way that anyone could understand and make sure those objectives are aligned with my organization’s mission. Then I can clearly explain to funders how I believe their support will help us fulfill that mission.

5. Prepare for Contact

I look into our records (database and hard files) to see exactly what contact we’ve had with the donor recently/ever. This way I’m knowledgeable on the donors needs and interests. I also have a clear objective for the contact.

Thank you to those that contributed! – Merissa Myles, Virginia Edelstein, and anonymous others.

What do YOU do daily to be a better fundraiser?


  1. Connecting with people is key. I’ve often wondered if certain people just happen to connect with people or if they plan it. Consistently connecting with people on a personal level is difficult for me sometimes. It’s easy to connect with the people I see every day, but it can be more difficult to form connections with people who I may see only a few times a year. I’d be interested in any ideas people have for connecting better and forming better relationships.

    1. I agree with you on the difficulty of forming connections with people you may only see a few times a year. If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, what kind of contact would you like?

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