Birthday wish list / Things I’ve lost so far on this trip

I think I’m getting a bit batty, because I’ve lost many more things on this trip that what I would have expected.

Please grieve the loss of these with me, and consider stocking up on them for my 30th birthday (September 9th), deliverable upon my return to Canada.

  • Ball point pen (RIP: Turkey)
  • Lobello SPF30 lip balm (RIP: Turkey)
  • Canon Powershot compact camera (S400?) and 2GB memory card. It would be even better to replace the few videos I had on it of dancing on a boat on Lake Van, the amusingly loud call to prayer in Göreme, windiness in the caldera of Nemrut Dagi, and a snapshot of the road towards Bahcesaray (RIP: near Bahcesaray, Turkey)
  • Sigma 18-125mm 62 lens cap (RIP: near Bahcesaray, Turkey, but replaced finally after much searching in Shiraz, Iran)
  • Nalgene bottle wrapped about 20 times in duct tape (RIP: taxi from Dohuk to Solimanieh, Iraq)
  • Sunglasses (RIP: in transit to Shiraz, Iran – replaced by $2 lookers in Shiraz, Iran)
  • Swiss army knife (RIP: hotel in Mary, Turkmenistan – replaced by a small paring knife in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan)
  • Small paring knife (RIP: hotel in Khiva, Uzbekistan – it’s sitting in my watermelon in the guest house fridge)
  • Sunglasses (RIP: homestay near Bebe Fatima hotsprings, Tajikistan – replaced by $2 crapolas in Murgab, Tajikistan)
  • Small kitchen knife (RIP: jeep in Langar, Tajikistan – replaced by small kitchen knife in Khorog, Tajikistan)

I’m especially feeling the loss of the Nalgene bottle and Swiss Army knife. I am in bad need of duct tape and nail clippers.

I wouldn’t mind a complete body scrub either (nothing to do with what I’ve lost, more to do with the bad skin I’ve gained) though I did stock up on a pumice stone in Konye-Urgench, Turkmenistan.

Thank you!