Incomplete Thought #2: Education is the solution for everything

Birth rates too high? Educate women.

Industry collapses? Reeducate workers.

Want democracy? Let girls learn.

Want to ward off terrorism? Keep young men in school.

etc. etc. etc.


Lack of knowing creates fear, intolerance, ignorance, bad decision making, oppression.

More known = more good.


The Incomplete Thought Series is, well, a series of incomplete thoughts. These are thoughts I have not researched, but which have popped into my head and am interested in discussing. Your incomplete or complete thoughts are encouraged.


  1. I spent some time in rural Cameroon in West Africa, and so many of the problems shown to me – high HIV transmission rates, poverty, infant mortality, too many children – could be so much reduced if girls were allowed to stay in school, and thus have more control over their own bodies, lives and futures.

    1. Yes, I think that could be said in India and Bangledesh in cases where girls had access to education and made choices to work and have fewer children at an older age. Education is power as you said.

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