I’m hiring!

I realize I haven’t really had a proper blog post with an update on my employment status, and that I started a business in February. I’ve been busy and haven’t blogging at the level I’d like. I had originally planned to blog daily in November, but instead…

I’m hiring!

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I’m looking for a part-time associate, 2-3 days/week, to support the work of 27 Shift. I’m not looking for a ‘social media guru’ or a ‘communications specialist’ or an ‘organizational superstar’. I’m looking for a generalist.

Is this you?

  • You are pretty good at a lot of things, are curious to learn new things and find ways to do things better, and have high standards of yourself and others.
  • You pay fine attention to detail and are a creative thinker
  • You need limited direction and I can trust you to deliver.
  • You can lead in times of ambiguity, and can balance not asking too many questions with asking the right questions.
  • You communicate yourself effectively in person and online.
  • You are familiar with the nonprofit sector and/or higher education.

This is a part-time role, suitable for a part-time student, a parent, or someone who is looking for flexibility in their work life.

Type of work

  • Writing (blog posts, reports, internal business documents)
  • Communications (web content, business marcom materials)
  • Editing* (I hate editing my own work so this is important. You could have helped me write this job posting.)
  • Research (interviews, web-based, data analysis)
  • Design (web, newsletters, presentation, graphics)
  • Planning/organizing (supporting project management, events, administration)
  • Being a sounding board for ideas
  • Generating ideas of your own

This is not an admin job. While yes, there might be a bit of tedious work, most of it will be engaging and interesting. There is no office, no set hours. You do the work when, where, and in the ways that you can be most productive and satisfied.

See the full posting >

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