Avoid this when naming volunteer roles for young people


When creating a volunteer role aimed at young people, don’t use this word in the title.  Screw organizational hierarchy – if your title is “coordinator”, don’t just focus on role names that sound “beneath” you.

Using “assistant” trivializes the role and can create a mindset that this person is someone that be sent all the administrative crap work to, rather than someone who is a valuable contributor. (While we’re at it, if that’s what you’re actually looking for – someone to send all the administrative crap work to – you should probably be rethinking that too).

It also is not as impressive on a young person’s resume. If you’re looking for a volunteer with a bit of experience, use a title that helps them build a narrative of roles with increasing responsibility.

Here are other words to try out:

  • editor
  • designer
  • manager
  • coordinator
  • officer
  • advisor
  • contributor
  • organizer
  • planner
  • guide
  • writer
  • operator
  • volunteer
  • educator
  • specialist