When you work with dorks you get dorky farewell poetry

Next Friday is my last day at work before I head on my 6 month adventure through Central Asia. My lovely co-workers arranged a “surprise” lunch (I was adamant to not have a party) at which I was bestowed with a basket FULL of really good chocolate, a gift certificate for MEC (yay!), and many good wishes. And this poem. Thank you, as I too am a dork.

A Farewell Ode to Trina
By:  Shona Taner and Tony Botelho

Trina will be leaving soon,
And visiting distant lands.
On her way she’ll see Turkey,
and many of the “Stans”.

She’ll do without her comforts,
No more toilet or running water,
When she needs to pee or poop,
She’ll learn to love a squatter,

After long days of walking,
Her feet will likely hurt.
But no hotels for this gal,
Her home will be a yurt.

The food will be quite different,
The menu will comprise,
Of fermented yak’s milk,
Some horse meat and sheep’s eyes,

She’ll meet many suitors,
Who will ask her for a chat,
Some will be like Clooney,
Others like Borat.

If she accepts no offers,
To become a loyal wife.
It’s back to old Vancouver,
And chocolate and Lava Life.