Writing chapter 1

After having many conversations (including a group gathering recently!) about quiet and changemaking with quiet changemakers big and small, it’s time to actually write. My goal for the Quiet Changemaker project was always to first write a book.

Part of my personality results in my collecting LOTS of data before moving forward. It makes me a good researcher for my consulting clients but it means I sometimes take too much time before implementing personal projects I’m working on.

Rather than “Ready, Aim, Fire” it’s more like “Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim….”

So I’ve had dozens of conversations with quiet changemakers. I’ve read dozens of books related to quiet and/or changemaking. I follow dozens of blogs related to quiet and/or changemaking.

It’s time to fire.

I’m writing Chapter 1 so I can share it and shop it around to potential agents and/or publishers. This is a very new process for me, feel free to offer advice! I’ve read resources on publishing and talked to a few people who have been successfully published, but I always welcome new connections and ideas. I’m not ruling out self-publishing either.

No matter which path I chose, it will start with Chapter 1.