How I started a podcast

As you may know, I just started a podcast, and for those podcast-curious out there, here are the steps I used to make it happen.

  1. Create a name, description, and artwork for the podcast.
  2. Record an episode using Audacity on my MacBook. I used the internal microphone of my laptop.
  3. Format the recording using Audacity and iTunes, to get it ready to upload to my podcast host.
  4. I use Libsyn to host my podcast, and Blubrry to create the podcast feed (the latter is a plug-in in WordPress).
  5. Upload the episode to Libsyn.
  6. Format the settings for Blubrry in WordPress.
  7. Publish a blog post for the episode.
  8. Submit the feed created by Blubrry to iTunes and Stitcher.

It’s a little bit more complicated than this, so I highly recommend watching these two tutorial/ video series in order to walk through it.

Smart passive income

My wife quit her job

They both cover similar information (both use Audacity, WordPress, Blubrry, and Libsyn), but each have some specific details that I found helpful.

I would say I spent about eight hours getting the first episode up. A lot of the time was spent watching the videos on the links above, and setting up things that I’ll never have to repeat again. I suspect other than the actual recording of an episode, I will need to spend about two hours per episode to get it formatted and online.