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The Do Go Better Podcast is up! Listen to this quick intro to get an overview of the podcast and learn how you can get me to donate $100 to your favourite nonprofit or charity.

Do Good Better podcast call for questions!

Updated June 6, 2015: Instructions for submitting questions are now at trinaisakson.com/podcast

What frank advice do you want about a difficult situation you’re facing relevant to the nonprofit sector/social innovation/social purpose business/general do-gooding? What information have you always wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask?

ME WANT TO HEAR! (instructions below)

After some thinking and chatting I did over March/April, I’ve decided to experiment with podcasting. Drumroll……enter the Do Good Better podcast!

Do Good Better podcast logo 300pxFor those of you who are addicted to podcasts as I am, I’m imagining something like Dan Savage, but for nonprofit sector/social innovation/doing good advice. Start off with a rant, or perhaps a conversation with someone with an interesting opinion. Then dive into a few listener questions. Finish off with listeners’ feedback on advice I’ve given (e.g. additional advice for a question previously shared).

Seriously just listen to one episode of the Savage Lovecast to understand the form (warning: his podcast is about relationships and sex and there is lots of graphic content, definitely NSFW in most workplaces).

How to submit a questions, etc.

Visit trinaisakson.com/podcast