Do you know a social innovator or nonprofit leader with conviction?

If they are plodding forward, helping create the change they wish to see in the world through public opinion, education, and policy…they are being political.

Maybe not in the traditional political-party-partisan-campaign-voting sort of way (well, maybe they do that, too!) but they are civically engaged in public work. Perhaps they have veered into other political acts such as protests or petitions or letters to the editor or community organizing.

I want you to consider nominating at least one of these people for the Everyday Political Citizen contest (#EPCitizen) put on by Samara Canada, a non-partisan charity promoting democracy and civic engagement.

Everyday Political Citizen Contest logo

This year I’m proud to sit on the jury of the contest with well-known Canadian personalities such as Rick Mercer, and Shad, the new host of CBC’s q. And some amazing lesser-known folk of all ages and backgrounds working to create the change they wish to see in the world.

What do I need to nominate?

Not much!

  • Your and your nominee’s info: eg name, email, town, Twitter
  • Nominee’s age group (<18, 18-29, >30) and photo
  • 150 words on what makes your nominee a great Everyday Political Citizen

That’s about it! I’m especially interested in some great nominations from BC, so nominate someone or help me promote on social media! Just share this post on Twitter, Facebook, or your other favourite app!