Input wanted on book about introverts and social change leadership

I’ve always thought it silly to hear people say they have a book in them. As if it needs surgical removal (or at least some fibre to move it along). I’ve pondered over the years what I would write about if the whim struck me.

I think I’ve got something. Would love your input. It goes something like this.

I’m an introvert. And most introverts I know have found books and TED talks about introversion to be incredibly illuminating/helpful/nodworthy.

What about introverts in the public eye? People who require the spotlight to advance causes and ideas they care about? In particular, I’m interested in social innovators and politicians. How do they function successfully and healthily in realms that require people, usually strangers, often in large numbers?

I’m thinking to start off by blogging short interviews while I’ll amass some reading on introversion, political leadership, and social innovation.

Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated.