I’m stepping up to the mic thanks to @laurenbacon

Lauren Bacon.

Seriously, that’s how it happened.

Lauren wrote a post a while back about imposter syndrome (got it) and her epiphany about conference speakers (as in, hey, I could do this, too).

The session begins, and twenty minutes later, I haven’t heard anything new. Unbidden, a thought pops into my head: “Well, this isn’t teaching me anything new. I could’ve led this session.”

The fifth, or tenth, or thirtieth time this happened, I finally woke up and realized I should be pitching sessions to conferences and standing up at the front of the room. It took me a long time to figure out that it wasn’t that the other speakers were lacking – it was that I had real expertise that was ready to be shared with others.

I had had the same experience, but not the same epiphany.

So when I heard about the upcoming Social Media for Nonprofits conference in Vancouver (one that takes place in various locations in North America and India), I though, “Well, let’s throw my hat into the ring.” My expertise is not social media per se (though I do I have opinions) but the knowledge I can share is how volunteer engagement can get tied into an organization’s social media plans.

So I threw my hat, and I’m not sure what is actually supposed to happen to hats thrown in rings, but it worked.

Join me next Tuesday, June 25!

Register with discount code ’27shift’ for $20 off OR apply for a scholarship.

From the organizers:

Social Media for Nonprofits is coming to Vancouver for the first time ever with our internationally renowned conference series! The full-day program will feature local experts sharing tools, tips, and insights about effectively using social media for your nonprofit organization.

Join 5,000 peers at the world’s premier series dedicated to social media for social good.

This is not a series of basic ‘how to use social media’ tips. Speakers will be addressing higher level strategy – a perfect event for those looking to move beyond ‘tweets’ and ‘Likes’. I’ll personally be addressing how to work with skills-based volunteers to bring your social media practices to the next level.

Other speakers include:

  • Digital strategy thought leader Jason Mogus
  • Writer and technologist Darren Barefoot
  • Public engagement specialist Susanna Haas Lyons
  • Email Marketing Expert Guy Steeves

Register with discount code ’27shift’ for $20 off OR apply for a scholarship.