Metro Vancouver Salary Survey – benefits

Last week I wrote about who was responding to the Metro Vancouver Nonprofit Sector Salary Survey so far. This week…benefits!

nonprofits with benefits

But first…

In order to provide final data on specific types of nonprofits (e.g. based on size, subsector, city) I need a minimum number of organizations (six) in order to assure privacy.

Here are the organization types I’d love to hear more from:

  • Budget size under $100K
  • Budget size $250K to $499K
  • Budget size over $5 million
  • Organizations focussing on environment, health, or sector capacity building
  • Organizations based outside City of Vancouver

I’ve had especially great response from arts organizations with budgets $500K to $999K. Thank you! FAQs and more survey information here.

Reminder: Deadline July 31!

Disclaimer about the following charts

The information on benefits that I share below is only meant to inspire curiosity and is not good for any decision making. The information is not disaggregated by organization size or any other identifier—it lumps all organizations together and is based on submissions to date. The axis scales for each image are not comparable—do not compare the bars in one image the the bars in another. Finally, I have not provided any analysis or context.

Now, let the curiosities begin!

Benefits for all

Top 6 benefits offered to all staff: Flexible schedules, professional development at your office, secure bike parking, extended health/dental benefits, ability to bank time, professional development away from office

Benefits for senior staff only

Opportunities offered to junior staff only were rare.

Top 6 benefits offered to senior staff only: Conference participation, personal days, professional development away from office, extended health/dental benefits, ability to work from home, ability to bank time

Opportunities to ask for more

Top 6 benefits offered on a case-by-case basis: Ability to work from home, mentorship program, conference participation, flexible schedules, professional development away from office, ability to bank timeTop 6 benefits not currently offered, but could be if someone asked: Unpaid leave, personal days, time off for volunteering, compressed work weeks, mentorship program, parental leave top up

Not common

Top 8 benefits not offered: Healthy living allowance, pension, transit pass, parental leave top up, bonus, compressed work week, parking spot, secure bike parking

Before you go, do you mind sharing the survey on LinkedIn, a Facebook group, or other place you connect with nonprofit and charitable leaders?

Metro Vancouver nonprofit and charity leaders–let’s get good, local, current compensation data. Fill out this salary survey by July 31:

Next week….vacation days!