Metro Vancouver Salary Survey – ED/CEO annual salaries

It’s time for the final raw data reveal before the survey deadline on July 31! This week: executive director salaries!

I previously shared data on the types of organizations that had responded so far, the commonality of different types of benefits offered, and number of vacation days provided.

If you are responsible for compensation data at your organization and haven’t filled it out yet, you can find out more info and fill out the survey here.

Before I give you this week’s data, your help with one final push would be greatly appreciated!

I’d especially like to hear from (tell your colleagues! sample text below):

  • organizations outside of the City of Vancouver
  • organizations that focus on community development and housing, law/advocacy/politics, sports and recreation, or religion
  • foundations/funders
  • organizations with an annual operating budget of over $5 million


If you didn’t read last week’s post about box plots, read this first. I give an explanation about box plots, and explains why I haven’t added whiskers at this time.

As stated in previous posts, the information on salaries that I share below is only meant to inspire curiosity and is not good for any decision making. The information is not disaggregated by organization size or any other identifier—it lumps all organizations together and is based on submissions to date. The data quality has not been validated. Finally, I have not provided any analysis or context.

Salaries of EDs/CEOs paid annually

For organizations with EDs/CEOs as staff (not independent contractors), they were asked to provide salary information. Some EDs are paid hourly and are not included in the following chart.

While I refer to this group as EDs/CEOs, actual titles may differ (e.g. managing director).

For today’s post I separated nonprofit societies from registered charities. Note that charities are also nonprofits, but the data for nonprofits represents organizations that are nonprofits and NOT ALSO registered charities.

Box plot companies. Details follow.

The median annual salary for nonprofit EDs is $80,000, while the median annual salary for registered charity EDs is $70,000. Fifty percent of nonprofit ED salaries fall between $64,500 and $102,500. The other fifty percent fall above and below this range. Fifty percent of registered charity ED salaries fall between $55,000 and $89,000.

Final note

Data validation once the survey closes is going to take some time. Thank you to folks that read instructions closely. Apologies to those who found the details unclear. You may hear from me to check on some of your data.

Will you share please?

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Fellow Vancouver NP leaders! One more week left in the local salary survey, please participate so we have good data to make our salary/compensation decisions!

Send an email:

Hi _______,

Have you participated in the local nonprofit salary survey going around? I’ve participated and want to make sure there is good comparison data so that we can make good salary and compensation decisions. The deadline is July 31, so one more week to go! This survey is focused only on Metro Vancouver so the data will be especially relevant to us. More info about the survey and the link to participate is at